Global Environment Rehabilitation of Global Environment Minimum Use and Reuse of Resources Human Right Nondiscrimination, Equality of Opportunity Protection of  Privacy Fair Trade Observing Laws and Morality Prohibition of Bribery Disclosure of Information Respect for Intellectual Property Rights Security Security Protection Preservation of Information Asset
Value Chain Service Provision Research Market and Technology -Roadmap Analysis of Policy, Technology and Industrialization  -Research of Industrial Structure Propose and Promote Public Policies -Definition of  Vision and Strategy System -Promoting Social Experiments Define and Practice Strategic Management -3 Years Management Reformation Project Promote R & D Strategy -Integration of Marketing and R &D -Promoting Research Community Develop New Business -Strategy of Innovative New Business and Promoting Cooperation Make Business Profitable, Reform Business Process -Promotion of Strategic ICT -Defining and Establishing Best practice

-Although the final goal of a private company is to maximize her profit, she should also be a public institution and have  autonomous morality as a premise. See 10 general rules as follows, that we not only must observe but also recommend our prospects and clients to observe at the same time.
Figure1: Ideal Type of Innovation  Technological Progress Process Reformation Sustainable Development in Harmony with Environment Figure2: Trinity Approach of Research, Strategy and Practicing 調査 Research戦略 Strategy 実践Practicing
10 Consulting Services
We are striving to resolve the social and business issues such as globalization, energy and environmental issues and recovery of Japan’s competitiveness by creative and collaborative approaches.

-We will try to reply to your reference one by one. However, if we get many inquiries, maybe we cannot reply to all the references. We cannot reply to the thoughtless references. We hope you would also observe  2. CSR and Security  - 10 General Rules.
-If you have any other questions, please send your e-mail to the address as follows.
-If you want to discuss with us on issues of your company or organization, or if you want to introduce us any company or organization who has issues to be resolved, please send your e-mail to the address as follows. If we can start a profit making project on the issues, your firm or organization or you will get a special privilege defined in the section 3-2. Outline of Project.
-We provide our consultation as a project mainly in 15 new business fields. There are both non profit and profit making activities.-Conceptual research of any targeted field and proposition activities to any firms or organizations are practiced for free.-Any concrete consulting project that is expected beneficial for any industrial field, private company or public organization are charged when the project starts. The consulting fee is charged depending on the difficulty and scale.-In the case prospect or client including the related person or others in the organization or group contacts us directly first and we start the new profit making project, we will discount the project fee by our internal rule. In the case the client of new profit making project  was introduced by complete other person, we will reward the introduction fee by our internal rule.
Innovation type Targeted Field New Business Development Idea  Process Reformation Global Governance IT Governance Global Governance Creating New Industry Use of ICT Infrastructure Internet Currency Music Industry Publishing Broadcasting Renewable Energy Quality of Life Preventive Medicine Lifetime Education Robot for consumers Recovery of Ecosystem Recycling Industry Sustainable Agriculture Spreading Lactic Acid Bacteria Creating New Socio- Economy Framework Promoting Innovation Base Policy Currency Innovation Base
-We will provide essential consulting services for clients from research phase, strategy phase to practice phase, develop and reform the method for consultation, and realize our services with reasonable cost performance.
-We are a new type of strategic management consulting firm, professionals of market and technology research, strategic management, business promotion and engineering founded newly.   -We believe innovation should not only be defined as interaction between technological progress and process reformation, but also promote sustainable development in harmony with the environment.-We want to be a total consulting service provider, not one just offering strategy or reformation partially, making a bird’s eye view on the structure and trend of market and technology , defining  the optimum strategy and its realizing method for clients, promoting new business or reengineering their existing process and stabilizing their business as after care. We will provide 10 consulting services to realize our idea.          -We will make people in the client into one team and accelerate the speed of reformation by unifying the top down and bottom up approaches.   -We are defining 15 new business ideas which will bring about revolutionary innovation. We will propose a new way for business and society globally, coordinate related people and promote the progress and reformation.
Non Profit Activities Profit Making Activities Published Research Proposition Research Phase Strategy Phase Practice Phase
- We have 15 new business development ideas promoting drastic innovation to society and industry.
15 Business Development Ideas
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